Terms & Conditions

By usage of this website the User/s Agree/s and is bound to following Terms and Conditions after duly understanding the same :

Astrologerhoroscope.com is owned by Mr. Rocky Kamboj ( Birth Name: Shri Brijender Singh Dari Ji ) known as Baba Ji and is based in Gurgaon, Haryana [ Delhi NCR ] INDIA

The Customer / User understands that It is a For profit Service and not a Non Profit Service and he / she has to pay to the website owner for obtaining astrological consultation by the astrologer.

The Customer / User understands that after taking the services and duly paying for the same, he or she may get consultation for further queries only upto a Week just once or twice. After a Week, the Customer has to pay again to obtain a Consultation.  Repeated requests for free consultation shall not be entertained. Baba Ji requests the website users not to disturb him by forcefully asking for a free consultation after just paying him once and asking for repeated consultation free of cost. The Customer should Value the time and energy of Baba Ji  [Rocky Kamboj / Brijender Singh Dari ] and should agree with the same.

The Customer / User understands and agrees that after Buying any Product from the owner of the website does not give any right to ask for free consultation over and again. Before Buying any Product from Baba Ji the customer / user should do his or her own market diligence. As the Products are available only upon specified rates by the website owner on Order Basis only. No Controversy or Conflict is expected by the website owner in any way. The Customer agrees that he or she will buy / has bought the Product from the website owner willingly as per choice and understanding the prices and value of the product be checked from any sources, including Gemstones, Yantras and Talismans.

Baba Ji ( Shri Brijender Singh Ji ) provides Astrology Services Based upon the Principles of Vedic Astrology and Lal Kitab and his own researched findings.  He provides Online Astrology Services also apart from consultation in person.

The average Consultation time per horoscope will be around 10-15 minutes only.  A user may put his or her own queries and ask for the astrologer’s comments and perception, predictions upon the horoscope on various facets of life during this consultation time and ask for astrological solutions. Repeated Consultations need to be paid by the Customer / User of Website every time.

Only Consultation service is available on Pan India and Pan Globe basis. Products if any like gemstones, yantras, talisman mentioned on this website are available only in Gurgaon Location. We do not deliver to any other location.

For all Products and Services there is an absolutely NO RETURN, NO REFUND, NO CANCELLATION POLICY.

The Customer / User understands and agrees that these are traditional services according to Indian Culture. Those who believe in it may only require and apply or contact to seek  the same. Those who are non-believers in Indian Astrology / Indian Astrologers / Astrology / Astrologers,  are advised and requested  not to seek these services. Baba Ji  is interested in providing  services to only those who have faith and believe in these services and in him as an experienced provider of these services. It is by sweet will of the User of this website / Customer that he or she takes consultation by Baba Ji Brijender Singh Dari Ji.

The Customer / User understands and agrees that there is No Guarantee of Accuracy of Horoscope Analysis, Matching, Predictions or the Remedies as provided according to the principles of Vedic Astrology, Lal Kitab and Newly Researched Principles according to long experience of Baba Ji. The things may work out and the things may not work out in life of an individual. They may come true or may not come true. The things may not even match to age old principles of astrology as the times have changed and so has the modern perspective of a human being. Baba Ji’s suggestion and consultation are a mix of both traditional as well as modern perspectives. But Payment to the Owner of the Website is necessary.

The Customer / User of this website understands that it is the Value of the Time that an Experienced Astrologer has given to him or her, irrespective of the Horoscope Reading, Analysis or Predictions be Accurate or not and thus he or she has to Pay the humble Professional Fees to him of Rs. 500 per person.  The Astrologer does not Guarantee or Warranty any Accuracy. No Astrologer can accurately Analyse and Imprint the horoscopes and life situations of  of Seven billion People upon Planet Earth.

During the Consultation, The Customer / User should Expect only a Brief of the Analysis, Predictions and Remedies.

The Customer / User indemnifies Baba Ji [ ROCKY KAMBOJ /  BRIJENDER SINGH DARI ] from all aspects resulting from the Consultation provided by him. An Astrologer is not responsible for things happening in life of an individual. And nor does an Astrologer can change the life events or circumstances of an individual. It is only the principles of ancient science as well as modern researched astrological perspectives that an astrologer provides consultation based upon. The Customer / User indemnifies Baba Ji [ ROCKY KAMBOJ /  BRIJENDER SINGH DARI ]  from any losses, or disappointments in his or her life,  coming even after the consultation or the remedies provided. There are no Guarantees or Warranties expressed by the Astrologer [ Baba Ji – Brijender Singh Ji ].

The Customer / User understands and agrees  using these Services; that these are Individual Astrology Consultation Services provided by Baba Ji [ Brijender Singh Dari Ji ] .  There are no Branches or Agents. There are no branches in India or abroad. The phone numbers are just for facilitation of customers including Indian and global.

The Customer / User understands and agrees that Baba Ji is not having any relation or affiliation  to any Institution including Charitable or Religious and any person/s related to any Institution. The remedies based upon Astrology sometimes require Charities and Donations and Customer should do it on his or her own best findings.

Baba Ji gives Consultation based upon his own long experience along with based upon old principles. So the user / client understands and agrees that there may be difference in Baba Ji’s opinion and Guidance from just age old principles. As he has already researched quite long and the times have changed. So a Modern Astrologer gives his consultation based upon Modern perspectives also. As a Global Astrologer whom people from all over World consult, there may be opinions and suggestions which do not merely strictly adhere to traditional Indian / hindu astrology and rituals but may be different from age old principles according to modern and international,  global scenario.

All payments are non-refundable under all circumstances. The User/ Customer agrees to the same before contacting Baba Ji for any services or products.  No Cancellation / No Return / No Refund Policy.

Baba Ji reserves the right to produce any Horoscope / Janam Kundali of any client ( Of course keeping the name and any other personal details private ) as a part of discussion for further development of the Science of Astrology as well as promoting his own work.Baba Ji does not Sell any Information regarding any individual. Privacy is assured.

Baba Ji does not collect any information regarding Debit Card / Credit Card / Net Banking on his website. The payment gateway used are empowered by Payumoney and Paypal  and all transactions are safe. Upon clicking the button for payment the user provides the payment details to the Payment Gateway only. Baba Ji also accepts Paytm. For Online Astrology Services in India the most preferred medium is Paytm.

The Customer / User understands and agrees that for Health related  | Medical Problems he / she should Go to a well Qualified Doctor. An Astrologer can only advice as per the astrological knowledge but the Cure for medical problems should be handled Strictly by a well Qualified Doctor only. Astrological remedies do not Guarantee any Cure. It is strongly advised by Baba Ji to the customers to follow a Doctor’s advice only with prime importance. The Astrologer’s advice and astrological solutions for any such issues should be taken only secondarily as per belief.


For Matrimonial Services:

The User / Customer understands that Baba Ji does not take any Registration Fees from any Client but paying the Horoscope Matching Charges is Mandatory.

Upon Successful Match the Customer should pay the Fees to Baba Ji which should be Rs. 51000/- from both sides Payable only by Cheque / NEFT.

This is a Family Service, So only People who are actually Serious about Marriage with Good Family Background should contact Baba Ji. Baba Ji doesn’t give any Service to People without any Family Background.

The User / Customer Understands that Baba Ji can only make the Families Meet for any Matrimony Consultation and if he thinks that there is something Matching after the Profiles being presented to him. The Families should themselves take Back Ground Checks of the other Party before any Alliance. The User / Customer indemnifies Baba Ji from any Unforeseen Consequences arising in future even after sincere services provided by him.


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