Rocky Kamboj is a World Famous Indian Astrologer and one of the best astrologer in India since 1993 based in Gurugram in Delhi – NCR.   Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Astrologer  Top Online Astrologer providing Astrology Services Online Pan India and Pan Globe. He is a Top Astrologer who is Famous, Genuine and Reknowned  in India.

Horoscope analysis, predictions, Horoscope matching & remedies by Jyotish Vigyan.  Best Career Astrologer & Love Astrologer in India. Consult for  Business, Job, Marriage, Health, Wealth, Love, Divorce, Education,Foreign Travel , Property, Vehicle, Child, Siblings, Name & Fame, Foreign Travel & Settlement.

He is a World Famous Astrologer and Internationally his NRI clientele is spread in  USA, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA, UAE, SINGAPORE, and many other countries.

Know & Buy your Lucky Gemstone according to the Planets in your Horoscope. 

RubyEmeraldRed CoralOpalWhite SapphireBlue SapphireYellow SapphireHessoniteCats EyeAmethyst , Golden TopazBlue TopazTurquoise, Peridot, Onyx, Diamond

 Gemstones are used since ages to Strengthen Weak Planets in Horoscope. 

Job, business, profession, education, siblings, children, property, litigation, marriage, divorce, conjugal life, foreign travel, stability in income, love life, queries answered and remedies provided by VEDIC ASTROLOGY AND LAL KITAB

Rocky Kamboj Started his Career as a Professional Astrologer at the Age of 15 while he was living in Paschim Vihar, New Delhi.

Rocky Kamboj now Lives in Gurgaon in Delhi NCR which  is the Millennium City of India, with a Mix or Rural and Urban Population. It is a leading financial and Industrial Hub with the third largest per Capita Income in India. It has Local Offices of  more than 250 Fortune 500 Companies. Several Information Technology Giants have their Presence in Gurgaon which is now called as Gurugram. It is the Financial Capital of Haryana. Most of the Companies are situated in Cyber Hub in DLF City, Udyog Vihar, Pace City, Info City, Unitech Cyber Park, and Manesar.

It has a Mix Development with Swanky high rise apartments and townships built by Big Developers in Golf Course Road, Golf Course Extension Road, Sohna Road, DLF Phase 1, DLF Phase 2, DLF Phase 3,  DLF Phase 4, DLF Phase 5, Sushant Lok 1, Sushant Lok 2, Sushant Lok 3, South City 1, South City 2.  HUDA Sectors and Villages like Jharsa, Wazirabad, Kanhai, Pataudi, Badhshahpur, Sohna, Farrukhnagar, Manesar, Khandsa, Hayatpur, Silokhra, Nathupur, Sukhrali, Chakkarpur,Fazilpur Jharsa etc.

People From all the Social Classes Come to Rocky Kamboj for Astrological Advice and Suggestion. Be it a Service Class Person or a Business Man. Be it a Farmer or an Entrepreneur. Be it a Politician or Be it a Musician. Be it a Factory Worker or A Shop Keeper. Be it a Web Designer or CEO of an IT Company. Be it a Painter or a Builder.  Rocky has kept Charges Same for Everyone. Be it any Social Segment and any Profile. It is same.

Though primarily Gurgaon being an IT City, his Clients are mostly Working in Corporates in Gurgaon as well as from all over India, from a range of Small companies to Large Companies including Multi National Companies in Gurgaon and Fortune 500 Companies in Gurgaon. And Also Professionals in various fields. Other Class of his Clients is the Business Class that includes Traders, Industrialists, Exporters, Builders, Shopkeepers, Showroom Owners etc.. They prefer consulting him  because he is an Educated Person and they feel comfortable with him.

As Gurgaon is a Multi-Cultural Society and a Corporate Hub, People from All over India as well as those who work abroad,  Visit Rocky Kamboj to take astrological guidance on their work tour or a vacation. 

Best Lal Kitab Astrologer

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Because Vedic Astrology Remedies are Expensive and I couldn't afford them. Neither i could buy an expensive gemstone nor could I pay for any expensive pooja path. I was seeking a good lal kitab astrologer in delhi or around in Delhi NCR. Then through an online resource i got to know about Baba Ji in Gurgaon and requested an appointment. After following the same as he asked me to do, i got benefit regarding my problems which i would not like to share here like others did. But yes i got the benefit, so i thought, i should also speak a word regarding the same. I am thankful to him.

Best Astrologer in Amrtisar

5 5 1
Best Astrologer in Amritsar who has helped several people living in Amritsar and their NRI relatives in solving their problems by astrology. My family has full belief in him, as we got help by astrological remedies which he told us.

True Prediction

5 5 1
I live in Chandigarh and he had predicted correctly about my divorce many years ago. He told me in his language that i have yoga for two marriages. This year i am going to marry one of my colleagues.

Perfect Relationship Astrologer in Noida

5 5 1
After demise of our father, the relations between three of us brothers were not same as before and turning sour. I consulted Astrologer Baba Ji after finding him online and showed horoscopes. He told us to wear gemstones as a remedy and also few lal kitab astrology remedies. Now we live happily together again.

Vedic Gemstone Astrology Remedies

5 5 1
My sister's marriage was getting delayed and she was already 32. Our whole family was worried for her. We consulted Guru Ji for her Janamkundali and he recommended Yellow Sapphire and Ruby for her in Gold. After wearing them, she found a perfect match at her workplace. Then after kundali matching and approval by Guru Ji; she got married this February.

Good Astrologer in Gurgaon

5 5 1
Baba Ji is a very good astrologer in gurgaon. He gave me accurate analysis of my horoscope

Best Astrologer in Patiala

5 5 1
Best astrologer in patiala. We take his kind astrological guidance for kundli. Especially for horoscope matching in our family and also take guideline to wear gemstones which are lucky as per vimshottari mahadasha and antardasha in birth chart.

Best Love Astrologer in India

5 5 1
I got my lost love back. My boyfriend had left taking interest in me after few years of relationship. Then i took help of Baba Ji. We are happy together now.

Peace in Mind

5 5 1
Now i have peace in mind. thank u sir.

Genuine Astrologer in Delhi

5 5 1
I met him through one of our relative's reference few years back. I had some worries regarding my career and personal relationship that point of time. His consultation did wonders for me. I did all the remedies of Vedic Astrology prescribed by him. And soon there was a gradual change appear in my life. I thank him so much. He is indeed a great astrologer.

Best Astrologer in Gurgaon

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He is good astrologer and covered all important things in my horoscopes including personal, family, love and relationships, health, career and money as well as self, spirit, growth, soul, or whatever you call that divine spark.

Good Marriage Astrologer in Gurgaon

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There were obstructions coming in my daughter's marriage. Though she is having good education and career. Baba Ji prescribed her to wear a yellow sapphire and few donations. She is happily married now.

Free Matrimonial

5 5 1
It is a good experience when i met him. He told me that i should not get married to the girl in question. And i gave him my matrimonial profile. It is free of charge, so its good. While Online Matrimonial Sites are charging a bit and a person takes many years to find a right person to get married to, so it costs a bit. I would happily pay his sewa shulk for horoscope matching every time, as well as whenever i find a right partner suiting me and my parents to be a family member. Life Time Decision can be done only with a good person like him who understands family values.

Top Love Astrologer

5 5 1
I didn't use to believe in astrology. But when my relationship with my girlfriend was getting in trouble, i saw advertisement of baba ji and took consultancy. I wear an opal as per his advice and feel much peaceful and loved. Relationship is better now with more warmth.

World Famous Astrologer in Haryana

5 5 1
My friends in London told me about Baba Ji. With my own experience I would like to recommend him. It was a pleasure meeting him on my visit to my paternal village in Haryana. Genuine astrologer in India who could solve my problems in personal life. And he is so famous around the world ! I feel great we have such famous astrologers in Haryana. I would like to Thank him sincerely.

Top Business Astrologer in Delhi NCR

5 5 1
Baba ji's predictions have come accurate in life of my son and daughter in law. He advised my elder son to wear Ruby in gold and his business is shining like anything after wearing it.

Top Astrologer in Delhi

5 5 1
My Family takes astrological guidance from Baba Ji since a decade. We have been benefited a lot. He is indeed one of the top astrologers in Delhi

Famous Astrologer in Punjab

5 5 1
We know him through his relatives in Patiala. Since few years my business had problems. After observing the astrological remedies told by him, slowly its improving once again.

Best Astrologer in Gurgaon

5 5 1
I am originally from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh but live in Sohna Road, Gurgaon as I do my Job here. I had some career problems which Baba Ji told will remain for one more year and after that i will get promotion. He also asked me to wear Ruby and Emerald which i did accordingly after mantropchar. His prediction came true and I got promotion this year. He is the best astrologer in gurgaon whom i will like to recommend. People from Kanpur can take his advice on phone as he gives online service also.

Helpful Astrologer

5 5 1
I started consulting him in 2011. Since then he has always helped me on many points in life with his astrology.

Best Career Astrologer

5 5 1
I live in Ghaziabad and was worried about my son. He had done his MBA but was not getting success in interviews. My bro in law told me about Baba Ji and after taking an appointment we met him in Gurgaon. He advised us to do some remedies by Lal Kitab. He also advised him to look for a marketing job rather than an administrative job. In few months luckily my son got a job. Thankful to Baba Ji.

Kundli Matching

5 5 1
He matched Kundli of my daughter with my son in law. They are both happily married since 2 years.

Best Astrologer in Delhi

5 5 1
There were some problems coming in business which resolved . I regularly take advice since 9 years.

The Right Match Maker

5 5 1
My other astrologer told me and my boyfriend that our horoscopes do not match and we should not marry. Finding hope we got to know about Baba Ji through one of our friends and we consulted him. Baba Ji confirmed our Gunas were matching and also our planetary combinations according to him were matching very nicely and he gave a nod. Today we have been happily married since four years and have a lovely baby too.

Promotion in Job

4 5 1
I was working hard in the same company since many years but was not getting promotion. I consulted Baba Ji and he advised me to wear an Emerald. After few months i got my due promotion. Thanks Baba Ji.

Accurate Analysis

5 5 1
Good astrologer.His predictions which he told me around 5-6 years back have come true in my life.

Husband Wife Relationship Problem

5 5 1
After few years of marriage, my husband and I had a strained relationship. We were living together but not happy. Then I got to know about Baba Ji online and took an appointment. He saw horoscopes of both of us and then suggested me to wear two gemstones and do some donations. Slowly the effect started building up and our relationship is sweeter now.

Classy Astrologer in Gurgaon

5 5 1
He is a Classy Astrologer. Educated as well as Gracious. He stands apart from the class of those local types astrologers. Moreover he has been of great help to me in solving my personal problems so many times in life, that i have great faith in him.

Job Problem Solved

5 5 1
I live in dehradun, uttarakhand and i got to know about baba ji on google. I was not getting job even after 2 years of completing my mba in finance. Baba Ji asked me to wear white opal and amethyst and he also asked me to make some donations. I bought gemstones from him and he told me how to wear them and right time for wearing. In few months of doing these upaye by jyotish, i got job in a company in ghaziabad. I thank him from the core of my heart.

Best Online Astrologer in Delhi

5 5 1
Best Online Astrologer for consultation on phone. He guided me properly regarding my horoscope analysis and gave me gemstone remedies and also suggested the right person for me by horoscope matching. Its a good astrology service where I could speak to an educated astrologer and could take his advice on phone after paying him online by Card on his website. The charges are quite reasonable and in fact too low than most of the online astrologers in Delhi. His remedial measures helped me a lot in over coming my problems. Good and Genuine Astrologer.

Got the right direction by his astrology

5 5 1
I was not getting gains in previous business then i took babaji suggestion. I changed business as he suggested and also did the upay . This business is running well by his grace.

Effective Gemstone Astrology

5 5 1
I was struggling with instability in my career. My Chachi Ji told me about Baba Ji and i met him. He advised me wearing golden topaz and amethyst, because yellow sapphire and blue sapphire are very costly. I got desired results this year and work in a better company now at a better position than before.

Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.9 based on 32 reviews
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When will I get a Job ?

Are there any chances of Transfer in my current Job ?

Is there any Chance of Promotion in my Job ?

Which business should I choose ?

Which will be the best period in my life ?

Will I grow in Job, Profession or Business ?

Which Colour of Vehicle should I purchase ?

Which Colour of Clothes should i wear for success ?

Which direction will give me more success ?

There are troubles in finding a right matrimonial alliance. When will i get married ? What are the solutions ?

My marital life is too much disturbed. Whether this relationship has any substance or will it end in divorce ?

I doubt my boyfriend / girlfriend / spouse of having another relationship. Is that so ?

I earn so much but not able to save. What should i do?

When should i buy a property ?

Will i ever be able to buy my own property ?

Will i ever be able to buy my own Luxury Car like a Mercedes, BMW or Audi ?

How many children will i have ?

We are married since long but still do not have the bliss of a child. Is there any child in our luck or not ?

When will i go for a foreign trip ?

What are the chances of my Political success ?

What are the chances of my Success in the field of Acting and Modelling ?

Will i ever have Name and Fame ?

How will be my relationship with my brothers and sisters ?

How will be my relationship with my father and mother ?

There are obstacles coming in my Business. How should i remove them ?

I have a long time established business but suddenly something bad has happened and there is no Customer. What should i do now ?

My Start up is not succeeding. Should i spend my time on its further development or shut it down ?

I am undergoing Litigation. How should i win ?

I have fear from enemies. Will they win or I ? How should i protect myself ?

Do i have a Research Oriented Brain ?

I want to achieve Moksha. Do I have yoga for that ?

What should i do to Win Elections this time ?

I am a Builder and Developer, When should i come up with a New Project ? Will there be any chance of success ?

I am an Actor and not getting any movies since few years. What should i do now to get a new movie ?

I am a model but struggling to get launch. When will i ever get any work ? Is there any remedy ?

My Competitor’s Shop has more Clients than mine. How can i get business ?

My boyfriend started liking some other Girl. How can i get my Lost love back ?

My Girlfriend started liking some other boy. Now she doesn’t even talk to me. How can i get my Lost love back ?

I am married but do not like my spouse. Do our horoscopes really match or not ?

Still Single. Will i ever get married or live a lonely life forever ?

Which Gemstone Should i Wear to Get Promotion ?

Which Gemstone Should i Wear to Improve my Health ?

Which Gemstone Should i Wear to Fare Well in my kid’s / my Education ?

Which Gemstone Should i Wear to Improve my Business Success ?

Which Gemstone Should i Wear to Get Married Soon ? Its already so delayed.

Which Gemstone Should i Wear to Get Name and Fame ?

Which Gemstone Should We Wear to Get a Child ?

Which Gemstone should i wear to remove Negativity in my mind ?

Which Gemstone Should We Wear to Improve our Conjugal Life ?

Which Gemstone Should i Wear to Win Elections this time ?

Which Gemstone Should i Wear to Help me in Foreign Settlement ?

Which Gemstone Should i Wear to Avoid Accidents ?

Which Gemstone Should i Wear to have Good Relations with my Parents ?

Which Gemstone Should i Wear to increase my Salary / Income ?

Which Gemstone Should i Wear to have a Good Bank Balance ?

Which Gemstone Should i Wear to Help me in Instant Gains from Shares / Lottery ?

Which Gemstone Should i Wear to Protect myself from Enemies ?

Where will I Get Genuine Gemstones ? How should i wear it ?

Do you have any Talisman to Get my Lost Love Back ?

Do you have any Talisman to Protect my kid from Evil Eye ?

Do you have any Talisman to Protect me from Dangers ?




Baba Ji being an Astrologer is connected with all the spheres of Life and all Social Segments. He has introduced Free Matrimonial Registration for Matrimony Services.  However Horoscope Matching Charges are Mandatory as Sewa Shulk.

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