Terms and Conditions

Every User of this Website and Customer of Astrological Services / Products by the Website Owner, understands / agrees and is bound to the Terms and Conditions for taking Services / Buying Products from  the website owner Shri Brijender Singh Dari  [ Rocky Kamboj ] Ji.

  1. The user of this website understands and agrees that Astrology Service provided by the website owner is as per Hindu beliefs of Vedic Astrology and Lal Kitab Astrology. 

  2. There is No Guarantee or Warranty of any Astrological Services.

  3. There is Absolutely Clear No Return / No Refund / No Cancellation Policy. Any amount once received shall not be paid back for any product/s or service/s.

  4. The Customers keeps website owner / astrologer completely indemnified and absolutely not liable to any single penny,  from all aspects due to his / her belief in astrology and taking the consultation from the website owner. Astrologer is not responsible for any events happening in life of any individual and nor is there any Guarantee or Warranty of the truthfulness of any prediction or  effectiveness of Astrological Remedies prescribed as per science of astrology.

  5. The User of this Website / Customer, understands and Agrees that Non Believers in ASTROLOGY should not Contact an Astrologer. Non Believers in Hindu Astrological Beliefs should not Contact the Website owner. 

  6. The customers are expected to be rationale in life and advised by the astrologer and not to be over dependent upon astrological readings or remedies and should take it only as a parallel guideline. They should be Practical in life also. The Astrological Predictions might come true or may not come true. The Astrological Remedies may work out or may not work out.

  7. For all medical Purposes the Astrologer advises all customers / users of this website to consult an experienced medical professional. The astrological remedies can only be observed side by side. But prime importance is of the guidance by a medical professional only.

  8. For Consultation on Phone. Prepaid Service Only. Please do not disturb asking the website owner for paying later after consultation. Its mandatorily a pre paid service only. 

  9. Payment of Consultation fees is mandatory whether satisfied or not. It is the value of time being given by the astrologer. The readings and analysis may be perfect or imperfect / come true or not. The Customer / User understands / agrees AND is bound to pay the Consultation fees to the astrologer, whether satisfied or not.

  10. The user understands and agrees that the Astrological Consultation by the website owner is a Paid Service only and not a Free Service. The Consultation Charges needs to be paid as per Charges mentioned on the website. The user is expected by the website owner to call / message / contact website owner only for Purchase of services  and not waste the Precious time and energy of the website owner by asking  for free services or paying later after consultation on phone or any other meaningless talks. The user understands and agrees that just like he / she, himself / herself work for a remuneration or profit likewise a Professional Astrologer’s services are also for a Profit only and the user should  contact the website owner only  for Paid Services and under no circumstances contact / disturb the website owner by contacting and asking for services for free or any other meaningless talks , by any means including Phone Call / Email / Messaging / Personal Visit. Only Serious Customers are welcome by website owner to get in touch and the users should respect the value of time and energy of the website owner.